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Award winning stories

These are stories or short pieces that have won prizes or been short-listed, long-listed, commended, etc. Award winners and near award winners. What someone called my "small accomplishments". I've listed them in chronological order, the latest at the top.

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Long Listed - Exeter Creative Matters 2019 Short Story Competition

November 2019

The Most Beautiful Thing She Has Ever Seen

Short Listed - Cranked Anvil July 2019 Short Story Competition

August 2019

The Note

Short Listed - Momaya Press Short Story Competition 2019

June 2019


Long Listed - Cranked Anvil April 2019 Short Story Competition

May 2019


A Visit from the Vampires

Short Listed - Earlyworks Press 2018 Short Story Competition

December 2018


Short Listed - Earlyworks Press Flash Fiction Competition 2018

November 2018



FIRST PRIZE WINNER - £1,000 To Hull And Back Short Story Competition

September 2018


Nature Implores

Long listed - Reflex Fiction (website) 

August 2018



FIRST PRIZE WINNER (£500) - Dorset Fiction Award June 2018

July 2018


The Ten Tests of Secret Love

Short Listed - 2018 Coleford Festival of Words Short Story Competition

July 2018



Highly Commended by Bangor Literary Journal

February 2018




How to Improve Productivity

Short Listed and Commended - October 2017 Dorset Fiction Award

November 2017


Sunday Morning

Long listed - 2017 InkTears Flash Fiction Contest

October 2017


The First time at Her Place

Short Listed, Earlyworks Press 2017 Flash Fiction Competition

October 2017



Short listed, commended and published online - Dorset Fiction Award

July 2017


The Feather

Long listed Reflex Fiction Flash Fiction Summer 2017 Competition

July 2017


Belinda's Diets

Short Listed National Flash Fiction Day New Zealand Micro Madness

May 2017


The Valley

Long Listed Reflex Fiction website

May 2017



£1,000 First Prize Winner 2016 Inktears Short Story Contest

March 2017


Time We Moved On

Short Listed 101Words website Contest 22

January 2017




The River

Short Listed - The Short Story website Flash 500 Competition winter 2016

December 2016


The River

Long listed - Inktears 2016 Flash Fiction Competition

October 2016


That Summer

Short Listed - Earlyworks Press 2016 flash fiction competition

October 2016



Short Listed - The Short Story website Short Story 2000 competition

October 2016



Short listed - The Short Story website Flash Fiction Competition autumn 2016

September 2016


Dear Sis

Short listed - 2016 Chorley and District Writers' Circle short story competition

September 2016


The Night Ape

Short listed - 2016 To Hull and Back short story competition

September 2016


The White Board

Short listed - The Short Story (website) Flash Fiction Competition June 2016

August 2016


The Note

Short listed - Raging Aardvark Twisted Tales

July 2016



Short listed - 2016 Chipping Norton LitFest Short Story Competition

March 2016


Sunday Morning

Long Listed - flash fiction competition

January 2016





Special Mention - Hull and Back 2015 Short Story Competition

September 2015


Strange Fruit -  An Imagining

Runner Up - 2015 Gloucestershire Writers' Network short story competition

Decision - August 2015. Read by the actor Moses Hardwick at the 2015 Cheltenham Literature Festival on 11 October - here on YouTube



Short listed & Commended - The Yeovil Literary Prize 2015

July 2015



Long Listed - Bath Short Story Award

June 2015



Winner (First Prize) - Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Fiction Award

May 2015



Runner-up - Earlyworks Press flash fiction competition

February 2015


The River

Long Listed - Bare Fiction Magazine Short Story Award

February 2015



The Night Ape

First prize - Momaya Press annual Short Story Competition 2014 (theme - captivity)

September 2014


She Woke First

Finalist - Flash-Lit Fiction FLF14

September 2014


The Book

Second Prize - short story competition

June 2014





Short listed - Earlyworks Press comedy competition

September 2013


The Note

Short listed - Earlyworks Press comedy competition

September 2013


The Open Door

Second Prize - Momaya Press Annual Short Story Competition 2014 (theme - music)

August 2013


The Decision

Short listed - Earlyworks Press flash fiction competition

August 2013


Thursday Evening

Short listed - Earlyworks Press flash fiction competition

August 2013


The Cricket Bat

Commended - Graffiti magazine short story competition



The Valley

Commended - Graffiti magazine short story competition

August 2013


The Song

Runner-up - Gloucestershire Writers' Network short story award 2014 (theme - memory)

August 2013


Trouble Man

Runner-up - crime/mystery short story competition

April 2013



Long listed - short story competition

March 2013


I Gave my Heart

Commendation - Little House Creative Workshops flash fiction competition

February 2013




Morning Tea

Second prize - flash fiction competition

November 2012