John Holland writes.

Short fiction writer, events organiser and obsessive

Yesterday was the HULitFest and today is Stroud Short Stories

Yesterday was the most enjoyable Hawkesbury Upton LitFest in South Gloucestershire. Organised by Debbie Young, it is a free one-day LitFest. I was part of a panel discussion, and chaired/MC-ed the short story/flash fiction session. I read my 'Easily Embarrassed' and 'The Note'. Other author readers were Ali Bacon, Daniel Gooding, Jacci Gooding, Jenefer Heap, Sue Johnson, Sophie E. Tallis, Debbie Young and Rosalind Minett.

Tonight is the 11th Stroud Short Stories event - called 'Los Muertos'. As usual it's at the SVA in John Street and is the fifth in succession to have sold out. So there will be 70 people in the audience. Authors reading tonight are Rick Vick, Rommy Collingwood, Ali Bacon, Mark Rutterford, Ken Popple, Jan Petrie, Mel Golding, Jane Gordon-Cumming, Sarah Hitchcock and Tim Byford.